15 steps into a luxury whisky experience!

This is not a dream! If you are passionate about whisky you can build your whisky world where you can enjoy your favorite spirit like a real Prince!





1. As a first step you can set up your own bar, either in a classic or minimalistic design. Small or huge depending of your space and budget;

2. After that, you can start your whisky collection which could include whiskies of various categories, editions and price ranges. Some of them could be enjoyed, some other can be kept for investment or collection purposes;




3. Music is an important factor to complete your experience either through a complete Hi Fi system or through your i-pod;

4. Adjustable lights and lamps will enhance the ambiance of your room;

5. A Club chair, traditional or modern, made of leather or fabric will help you to relax and enjoy your whisky journey!




6. A side table set up with a complete whisky mat and glass holders for the drams of the day is definitely an essential

7. Tulip glass, either in the Glencairn glass design or more eccentric will maximize your pleasure;

8. Water jug, for those who add water;




9.  Design ice box for those that they add ice;

10. Whisky lava stones which can make your whisky cold without affecting the taste or the alcohol levels;


11. Tasting notes block to write your experiences and reviews about the whiskies you have enjoyed;

12. Whisky/water dropper;

13. Whisky aroma kit to challenge your nose capabilities alone or with friends;




14. After completing the set up of your space and equipment you can wear a dress robe in silk or cotton fabric which will make you feel comfortable and get you ready for the final step of the ritual.

15. Last but not least, you may put on sophisticated luxury slippers so you will relax your feet.




You are now ready for your next whisky experience! Feeling,looking and drinking like a Prince!

"Whisky is liquid sunshine." George Bernard Shaw

Dram it up!

Written by:
Aristides Trimindis


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