A few of the most expensive whiskies in the world!

There are some whiskies with an outrageously expensive price tag that at the same time as making you wonder the reasons behind these prices they make you dream of the day and the moment you might get an opportunity to try them. Honestly though, what sort of a person spends thousands for a bottle of rare whisky?

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We are talking about some of the most expensive bottles of whisky on the planet that simply cannot be found in a typical liquor store.Buying them would require visiting either stores that specialize in whisky, the distilleries that produce it, or attending a rare whisky auction.

Would you spend half a million dollars for a... bottle of whisky? And yet, that is the price of the world’s most expensive bottle of whisky. It is a 1946 Macallan which costs nothing less than 460,000 dollars!



These are some of the most expensive whiskies in the world include rather costly and rare bottles of fine whisky, the cheapest of which costs only... 20,000 dollars - that is an entire fortune for just a few sips.


The Dalmore Trinitas 64 Year Old



Glenfiddich janet sheed roberts reserve 1955



Macallan 1928, 50 Year Old



Karuizawa-1960-50 Year Old



山崎 Yamazaki-50 year old

yamazaki 50


Macallan Lalique-57 year old




Balvenie 50 Year Old



Glenlivet 1940, 70 Year Old (Gordon & Macphail's 'Generations)



Ardbeg 1974, Double Barrel Casks


Bowmore1964, 46 Year Old




Glenfarclas 60 Year Old


Highland Park 50 Year Old



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