An ode to Talisker 25 Year Old

An ode to Talisker 25 Year Old

This special bottle you don’t just crack open to drink.There’s a journey here I must first follow and enjoy: the one that begins from the misty Isle of Skye.


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Its wildly rough natural beauty, a fairy tale narrated by icy winds, hides forgotten at the edge of the Atlantic, right where the Scottish soul was forged through the centuries.




I close my eyes to recall… Soft, sweet raindrops blur the view of the famous Cullin Mountains to the point where I vaguely see the Neist Point Lighthouse through the fog. I surrender to my heart for a clearer view, a childhood memory: the joy of being introduced for the first time to a village, mountains, huge rocks.



I’m mesmerized by these clumsy birds, these pheasants running through the alleys as if drunk, defying over all reason their very existence.
I see the white sheep and brown cows staring at me patiently, but their curiosity seems to be greater than mine.


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I am shaken by this strong emotion. The very unique emotion of excitement due to the first gaze at the distillery that produced my biggest passion:
The pure distillate of Talisker.



Now I struggle to wipe these memories of my mind and instead fill my lungs with the smells:
Peat smoke, peat, seaweed. Tar, wet wood, barrels and dried sardines.
My soul rides the mountain tops, the rivers, the fields and the tall plains, all to the very edge of the borders of my carried-away mind.




All this while I sit in the Portree Port having a 25-year old Talisker in my glass. It plays with my mind, inviting me to take delight in its spirit. What a joy!
Right here, in Skye, some stubborn human will decided to build the temple of whisky. That very soul called it Talisker. And to that I shall drink!


Tasting Notes :

Nose: A profusion of ripe fruity notes and oak followed by a delectable elegant coastal smell, are blending together effortlessly with restrained touches of iodine and seaweed.

Palate: A little sweetness and balanced, very balanced whisky. Abounding, yet fine. It's sublime mouthfeel carries floral tones paired with ground cumin malty and juicy nectarines. Slightly smoky and coastal at the end.

Finish: If smoothness had a synonym, it will be the Talisker 25 Year Old

A wonderfully and balanced whisky awesomely smooth, with pleasnat oak influence.

Written by:

Tasos Protopapas
Co Founder of



Somewhere along the Scottish coast
And emerald island lies
And I will steer my sailing boat
Unto the Isle of Skye

The weather's always changing
From heavy cloud to fair
And even when it's raining
It's always lovely there

Andrew Peterson

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