Removing that pesky broken cork in 5 Simple Steps

In our rush to enjoy that pour at the end of the day, the inevitable happens…The cork breaks off and into the sea of our whisky. Do not despair! It may seem impossible, but one can easily remove it from the bottle using a clean plastic bag.

It’s simple!




1) First, empty the whisky into a clean (and preferably) glass jug. Use a sieve or strainer to pour through the whisky as many times as necessary to thoroughly clean the cork residue and pieces from the liquid. For very small pieces the best strainer is a mesh coffee filter.



How to remove the cork


2) First, fold the bag and slip it into the bottle, closed-end first, with the open part of the bag at the opening of the bottle.




3) Next, turn the bottle upside down so that the cork falls to the neck of the bottle.




4) Then, blow air into the bag to inflate it inside the bottle.




5) Finally, pull the bag out along with the cork.




A simple and easy trick to impress your friends and save your whisky!



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