Market's TOP 5 least expensive Single Malts

It is commonly accepted that the whisky business is currently at its peak. The demand is huge and the supply is abundant offering thousands of choices. Everyday, new whisky consumers are frantically searching for new releases in the supermarkets, cellars or on the internet. ON the contrary the more "experienced"consumers are even more demanding.

The whisky auctions are also peaking, with the profits from the sales of rare whiskies skyrocketing to many thousand pounds per bottle.
Have you ever wondered though which are the cheapest ones on the market today? We have searched through whisky trading webpages. We found them, tasted them, and we now present them. The prices mentioned are indicative and obviously differ according to the country for a variety of reasons including taxes, duties, transportation costs etc.

One should also have in mind that price is never a criterion for buying a whisky no matter how cheap or expensive it is. In addition 2 pieces of advice for our readers:

1. Every whisky is different and deserves our attention.

2. Do not dwell on its minor imperfections if you really want to enjoy it. Keep only the positive aspects.



Glen Moray Classic 40% Vol. £21,95 

Aged in ex-bourbon barrels.This is a sweet, soft and easy to drink whisky which is the ideal choice to be the first glass to begin with, if you plan to try various whiskies in a night.

Glen Grant The Major's Reserve 40% Vol. £22,25

The vanilla and green apple aromas are more than obvious. The absence of peat in conjunction with its smoothness and its creamy texture ranks this whisky in the single malt class that are the choice of someone just starting his journey in the wonderful world of whisky.

Speyburn Bradan Orach 40% Vol. £19,95

The nose is quite expressive with caramel and peach jam aromas for such a young whisky. While the start is promising the continuation is slightly disappointing... IN any case its price is highly attractive and like all the whiskies worth trying.

Glen Moray 10 Chardonay Cask 40% Vol. £25,05

The whiskies aging in Chardonnay barrels are scarce and myself personally had this experience for the first time. Extremely smooth, buttery and spicy with tight body and very well balanced, it is certainly an excellent quality whisky in relation to its price. Highly recommended to all.

Tomatin Legacy 43% Vol. £25,80

The combination of virgin oak barrels used for the first time for aging and ex-bourbon barrels impart a light and delicate character with aromas of lemon zest and sweet malty barley notes.A trully nice dram,despite its young age.


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