"Whisky War" over icy waters!





Hans Isle is a rocky ridge of 1,3 square kilometres right between Canada and Danish Greenland. Interestingly, since the early 1930s this relatively unknown skerry in the middle of the ocean has figured prominently in a peculiar international dispute, despite the fact that it is of no strategic or financial importance whatsoever!




The reason why this small piece of land has become a cause of dispute among the two countries is that it's situated in a spot where geography and international law collide.




In 1933 the Permanent International Justice Court of the League of Nations decided that the island will belong to Denmark.




Later on, the whole thing was forgotten since other more serious issues, such as World War II and then the Cold War, took place, until in 1984 the Danish minister responsible Greenland Affairs visited the island and raised the Danish flag on a structure that had a "Welcome to Denmark" inscription and a bottle of Cognac.
Ever since the civilized "Whisky war" broke out.




Canadian soldiers get on the island and raise the flag of Canada, leaving behind a "Welcome to Canada" inscription and a bottle of Canadian whisky, while Danish soldiers raise their country's flag again and leave behind them a bottle of Danish snaps.




Despite the funny aspects of this case, the two states have often made taken diplomatic action against each other regarding Hans isle, and hot incidents have not been a rarity in the area, since each side's visit is considered an invasion by the other. For now, the 2 states are discussing ways to resolve the problem, such as joint administration of the island by neighbouring municipalities.





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