What is World Whisky Day?

World Whisky Day was founded in 2012 by Blair Bowman while studying at the University of Aberdeen and falls on the third Saturday of May each year.

The founder of the WWD Blair Bowman says about that :

World Whisky Day invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. Events are taking place all over the globe. If you can't find an event happening near you why not host your own World Whisky day event? All you need is a bottle of whisky to share with your friends. World Whisky day celebrates all types of whisky/whiskey and encourages everyone to enjoy whisky responsibly.

World Whisky Day is all about making whisky fun and enjoyable. It's not about being exclusive or prescriptive. You can drink it however you enjoy it (ice, water, mixer – whatever works for you). We want to be all inclusive and that means any kind of whisky/whiskey from anywhere in the world.





Participants are encouraged to enjoy whisky on the day at events which may be officially registered on the World Whisky Day website. Others participate via social media using the #worldwhiskyday hashtag.

The organisers estimate that approximately 300,000 people participated in registered events during the 2015 World Whisky Day.

Recognition by the Scottish Parliament

The day was recognised by Members of the Scottish Parliament in a motion in May 2014, and again in 2015.


A World Whisky Day blend has been produced each year by Master of Malt. www.masterofmalt.com

The day publicly supports the charitable organization Just A Drop. www.justadrop

Read more at www.worldwhiskyday.com/






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