Aberlour A'bunadh Batch 50, 59,6% Vol

Aberlour A'bunadh Batch 50,  59,6% Vol

I have grown accustomed to perform the vast majority of my whisky reviews through blind tasting. This enables me to remain objective and unbiased irrespective of country of origin, production method or any other type of distraction. The aromas and taste of every whisky are my driving principles.
However this was not the case with this particular whisky bottle. There was something special about it. I opened it myself and could not stop staring at it, from the moment I served it in the exquisite glencairn glass, until the last remaining drop in my mouth.
There was a reason of course that I did not choose blind tasting this time round. You see the whiskies that are exclusively aged in sherry casks are my favourite, hence my desire to review this one in particular, in a stricter more critical sense. To my great surprise, the more critical I was trying to be the richer the sherry aromas were coming through my nose. I was looking to somehow escape the sherry but that proved impossible. I was enslaved by this one. What did I do then? I enjoyed it and now share it with you.


Tasting Notes: By Tasos Protopapas


Nose: A diversity of aromas follow the initial sherry explosion, scent of cherry blossoms, raisins, caramelised sugar and even dry apricots. In the aftertaste there is a revelation of aromas from a freshly baked apple pie, cinnamon, cookies, cereal and blossoming flowers.

Palate: Rich, thick, stuffy and sweet. The sherry effect is dominant and combines forest fruits and chocolate with spicy notes finishing off elegantly with a gentle savory aftertaste.

Finish: Long, indulgent and spicy.

Stunning Dram!


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