Glenmorangie Dornoch 43% Vol

Glenmorangie Dornoch 43% Vol

Glenmorangie Dornoch 43% Vol


Tasting Notes: By Tasos Protopapas


Nose: Intense. Elegant Floral aromas. Red Apples and Nectarines, Vanilla, Butterscotch, distinctive Citrus, and Honeycomb.

Palate: Rich-Full Bodied. Starts Sweet with Fresh Baked Caramel Cake. Then is Slightly Nutty. In the centre, Fruit Salad and Raisins, with gently Peaty structure at the end.

Finish: Medium and Soft. Vanilla, Orange peel, and bland woody notes.

Nice and Compex Dram!


Producers Information:

In the far north of Scotland, beside the ancient Royal Burgh of Tain, lies the Glenmorangie Distillery.

Established in 1843, the Distillery was named Glenmorangie, Scots Gaelic for 'Glen of Tranquillity', perfectly describing its peaceful setting on the banks of the picturesque Dornoch Firth, a vast sea estuary and a worldwide Site of Special Scientific Interest

To raise awareness for the conservation of the Dornoch Firth, Glenmorangie has partnered with the Marine Conservation Society to preserve this precious waterway

It is this unique location that is perfectly celebrated by our latest limited edition: Glenmorangie Dornoch.


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