Jura 21 Year Old 44% Vol

Jura 21 Year Old 44% Vol

Isle of Jura 21 Year Old 44% Vol


Tasting Notes: By Tasos Protopapas

Nose: Toffee, Roasted Marshmallow, Chocolate cream, Caramelized nuts, Honey Orange peel and Spices.

Palate: Warm-Spicy and Mellow. Liquorice, Ginger followed by Hints of Smoke, overtones of Caramel and Almonds chocolate.

Finish: Lingering Spicy and Adventurous!


Producer's Informations:

Every precious drop of this whisky is a memorable masterpiece. Matured in vintage casks, it has whispers of maraschino cherries, soft marzipan and liquorice, with hints of crushed walnuts and bitter chocolate for a rich, full bodied and flawless flavour. With the further flavour of citrus fruits cutting through, this is one memorable masterpiece.


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