Jura Superstition 43% Vol

Jura Superstition 43% Vol

Jura Superstition 43% Vol


Tasting Notes: By Tasos Protopapas


Nose: Light aromas of smoke, peat and ashes followed by sweet honey and dry fruits mixed with sea breeze.

Palate: Smooth, creamy and dry. Butter notes and caramel with hints of peat and smoke

Finish: Long, salty and spicy.

By adding water the aromas are becoming more smooth and sweet unrevealing vanilla and caramel, but I would suggest to drink it neat!


Producer's Informations:


We're a superstitious lot on Jura. Aren't we all? From never cutting peat before May and always building haystacks in a clockwise direction, our superstitions are like stories handed down through the generations. In Superstition, we wanted to produce a wild whisky that's as rich as our story and a testament to all the intriguing histories around the world, so we've added the ancient Ankh cross, a symbol of good luck in the western isles, to the front of the bottle.

We believe everybody deserves a little luck. Hold the bottle with the Ankh cross in the centre of your palm, they say, and good fortune will surely follow. Best enjoyed on a cold night with Arbroath smokies, a chocolate and orange tart, smoked Caithness salmon or salted chocolate.


• Gold medal at the Beverage Testing Institute 2012
• Gold Winner in the SFWSC 2012 awards
• Whisky Shop Whisky of the Year 2012


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