Laphroaig An Cuan Mor

Laphroaig An Cuan Mor

Laphroaig An cuan mor 48% Vol

(Currently only available in Travel Retail)

Tasting Notes: By Tasos Protopapas

Nose: Smooth and mellow raisin aromas enriched with caramel-like scents and a delicate vanilla touch. The peat is vividly sensed but softer than other Laphroaig that I have tried.The experience is completed with alluring floral aromas, lavender, spicy touches of black pepper and sea saltiness which gives this exquisite whisky a fine seawater sense.

 Palate: Oily and pure silk senses. For a moment, the mouth is captured with its sweet taste, but it then speedily changes to almost spicy with a pepper spice feeling. Letting your imagination flow for a second, you can embrace the tastes of ginger and nuts, a touch of orange and banana, finishing off with smoky and intense flavors of spices.

Finish: Long and spicy with smooth smoky scents and peat

This is an excellent Laphroaig exhibiting something new compared to earlier versions. Smooth, mild and delicate that perfectly combines sweet and spicy tastes with peat and smoke.

We love this particular distillery for the unique peat contained in each and every one of its whiskies. Certainly, the An cuan mor, is no exception, and of course peat is present here as well. If you love Laphroaig and plan to travel soon, you will be confronted with a big dilemma. Laphroaig Px or Laphroaig An cuan mor? Buy them both (with your "eyes wide shut") if you can afford it.

Producer's Informations:

Translated as Big Ocean, this unique expression is a celebration of the art of Laphroaig, with only the best batches hand selected by our distillery manager for their exceptional flavour. All have been matured in first-fill-only ex-American white oak bourbon barrels in our warehouse right next to the Atlantic. This whisky is then carefully re-casked and left to sleep in the finest European oak. The result is an extraordinary fusion of flavours, from our unmistakable medicinal peat, to the soft and spicy caramel tones of the American wood, to the big, rich "burnt apricot and raisin" of the European oak. Finally bottled and non chill-filtered, the distillery manager's selected batches are marked with his signature. Anything that can withstand the Atlantic for 200 years deserves a little recognition.


Tasting Notes

COLOUR: Burnt Orange

NOSE: Starting with rich sweetness of figs, moving into a floral flavour of lavender and black pepper developing into sweet natural honey notes

BODY: An intense and profound depth

PALATE: Very peppery, spicy also liquorice root with a slight saltiness. Moving to gentle oak tannins, lovely orange peel and then a dry earthiness

FINISH: Lovely creamy walnuts enveloped by the very distinct Laphroaig peatiness that lasts and lasts


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