Talisker Skye 45,8 Vol

Talisker Skye 45,8 Vol

Talisker Skye 45.8 % Vol


Tasting Notes: By Tasos Protopapas


Nose: A pleasant light and unexpected smell which feels like a pinch in the chin clearly indicates that the volume of alcohol is significantly higher than 40%.
A scent of salty sea aura is well combined with smoke, marzipan, vanilla and caramel notes. As the aroma opens it self, the underlying sense of dry almonds,distinguishing nutmeg, refreshing pears and grapefruit beautifully welcomes a new smell that complements well the initial scent.

Palate: Velvet, salty with pleasant kick of bitterness. At first, smoke and spices are the dominating flavors followed by sweet notes of fruitcake and chocolate mousse.

Finish: Long and dry finale, which leaves a rich, long lasting, smoky and spicy aftertaste.

Nice and Pleasant Dram.


Producer's Notes:

Appearance: Bright 18 carat gold with polished copper lights.

Nose: Starts gently with the glorious citrus-sweetness of fresh oranges. A touch of water tames the spice and smoke, but the aroma remains maritime.

Body: Medium yet softly textured.

Palate: Soft and sweet at first with very light smoke.

Finish: Long and warming, yet also fresh, with a big, peppery finale and a late trace of sweet smoke.


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