THE ONE Whisky 40% Vol (BLENED)

THE ONE Whisky 40% Vol (BLENED)

THE ONE Whisky 40% Vol (BLENED)



Tasting Notes: By Tasos Protopapas


Nose: Ground corn,Fruity and odoriferous. After adding just a few drops of water blooming violets bouquet explodes in your nose. Inkling of smoke, vanilla and oak notes. Finally lemon zest and citrus. It reminds me a dessert of fruit baked with crunchy topping of brown sugar and butter. BRILIANT

Palate: Crisp and creamy. Sweet candy combined with fresh almond seeds, while hints of fruits and cereals are distinguished at the depth of the palate.

Finish: Medium. Condiment, ginger and cinnamon.

Conclusively: THE ONE is a high quality blended wisky Definitely one of the best I've tasted so far, well balanced and easy drinkable for everyone. Sophisticated consumers will adore this perfect wisky!


Producer's Informations:


THE ONE is the first ever British Isles Blended Whisky.


There are now distilleries producing whisky across the British Isles, and this has led us to create an entirely new concept in blended whiskies - a British Isles Blend.

The Blend

A unique blend of exceptional British Isles whiskies, each has its own distinctive characteristics, and these have been blended with great care and passion, resulting in a whisky of intriguing complexity.

Tasting Notes

Slightly smoky, sweet and fruity, nutty, with hints of spice.

We recommend pouring a dram of The ONE over a chilled whisky stone for full enjoyment.


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